Thursday, 15 August 2013

CPH Fashion Week

I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I'm rather loving all the photos I've been seeing from Copenhagen Fashion Week.  Everyone just looks so... unfashiony.  The women in most of the photos I've seen were wearing trainers, ffs.  Obviously they're all Scandinavian, and therefore two metres tall, but still...  It's so refreshing to see people looking at ease and like they've just got off their bicycle, rather than tottering precariously on heels through cobbled streets, or preening for the ever-present street style bloggers. 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Chelsea Boots

As I get older, I've realised that my seasonal searches tend to be less for something new and exciting and more for the perfect version of a long-standing obsession.  I mentioned in my previous post how I had let the perfect pair of Chelsea boots slip through my fingers a few years back.  Obviously, I've been searching for a similar pair ever since, to no avail.  Every autumn, the high street is awash with every possible variety of Chelsea boot, but none have been quite right.  I did find the perfect pair in Massimo Dutti, of all places, last summer, but resisted buying something so wintry in the midst of a heatwave and, of course, by the time I was ready to buy them they had long since sold out.  I ended up buying an oxblood pair, also from Massimo Dutti, and whilst I love them, I'm still hunting for the holy grail pair I want to believe is out there.  This year I'm starting early(ish) and compiling a list of possible contenders.

I instantly fell in love with this pair when I stumbled upon them in my search for something entirely unrelated.  But they're white, which I suspect would leave me still craving the perfect black pair.
Portamento boots

These are, without a doubt, pretty near perfect.  They also cost £500 and are sold out in my size.  *sniff*  I'll just gaze on this photograph adoringly and try not to imagine how I would happily wear them every. single. day.  and how much better they'd get the more battered they became.

Balenciaga boots

I'm intrigued by these Dr. Martens ones, but, pleasingly stompy though they are, I'm not sure I wouldn't prefer lace-up boots in this cut.
Flora boots
These Acne boots are probably my dream boots- they've got the perfect heel height, and look like they would fall at the perfect just-above-the-ankle spot.  If I had had £500 going spare last autumn, I would have bought them the second I laid eyes on them.  As I didn't, I've now resigned myself to searching for them on ebay for all eternity.  There's currently a pair in a size 3 starting at 99p here. 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Zara A/W '13

I know I'm not the first to discover the amazing-ness of Zara's A/W campaign images, but I couldn't resist posting a few of them.  I've rather gone off Zara in recent seasons, mainly because my local branch is becoming increasingly crap and they don't offer online shopping to Greece, but also because the quality seems to be decreasing whilst their prices are increasing.  With my return to London hopefully imminent though, I look forward to being able to see this collection in the flesh and see if it's worth the hype.  In the meantime, I've decided I absolutely need to own a pair of pointed chelsea boots (still mourning the Repetto version I passed up a full FOUR years ago) and lots of lacy slip dresses.