Sunday, 23 June 2013

Like a Virgin

This editorial from Elle France makes me wish my wardrobe consisted of about 300% more floaty white-ness.  And the perfect pair of trainers to wear with it all.  Why does summer in magazine-land always look so dreamy and cool, rather than hot, sweaty and rendering anything but the flimsiest of fabrics un-wearable?

Full editorial here

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sk8er Gurl

Because I'm utterly and totally predictable, I've decided I'd quite like a pair of skater shoes (I don't even know the proper name for them, I'm that clueless about trainers).  As with everything, it started with Celine:


It was then was copied by Zara and worn by every blogger ever:

Normally the last bit would put me off something, for some reason, despite them not being remotely my style, I still really want a pair.  Preferably both one of these:

Kurt Geiger £160

YMC £75
I'm already envisioning the paisley ones paired with almost my entire summer wardrobe and the ponyskin ones with black tights and skirts in the winter.  And seeing as I never managed to track down the Liberty print Nikes I has posted about a while back, these would perfectly fill the trainer-shaped hole in my shoe collection.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

New(ish) Mius

After months of buying almost nothing, I seem to be going a bit mad on ebay and in the sales at the moment.  The latest addition is these Miu Miu courts, bought secondhand and ridiculously cheap.  I originally saw them on a customer in the shoe shop where I worked circa 2009 and fell in love with the way she had styled them- all black, a bit grunge-y and the perfect contrast to the primness of the shoe.  We actually stocked the higher-heeled version at work and I tried them on multiple times afterwards trying to convince myself I could wear them, but they were ridiculously high and spindly so I reluctantly gave up on them.  I never came across the lower ones, either in the shops at the time or on ebay afterwards but I always had them at the back of my mind (I'm nothing if not loyal to my shoe crushes).  Clearly though, they were (eventually) meant to be, and the three of us can now live happily ever after. 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Louis Vuitton Pre-Spring 2014

Here's a designer I never thought I'd be writing about.  And yet, I love this collection.  To be fair, it looks like it belongs to someone else altogether.  It's so pared-down, insouciantly slouchy and more reminiscent of other French fashion houses than anything Marc Jacobs has been putting out lately either in his role at LV or for his own collections.  I love the silhouettes though, and the colours.  I'd happily spend the summer in a variation of the first look, minus the fact that the top appears to be made of fur (the general trend for pointless fur lately depresses me, but that's another issue altogether).

photos from

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Continuing on from my last post, a couple more oufits featuring things I've either had forever, or have bought secondhand off ebay.  For the first time in ages though, I'm actually quite pleased with my wardrobe and don't just want to burn it all and start again, so clearly I've done something right.  And whilst everyone else is moaning about the lack of a summer thus far, I'm secretly quite pleased that the low (for Greece) temperatures mean I can wear things like long sleeves and closed shoes for a while longer.  

blazer- Primark (ancient), top- Topshop via ebay, skirt- Zara circa 2010, shoes- CB Made in Italy

dress- Topshop Boutique via ebay, shorts- diy, shoes- Chloe via ebay