Monday, 29 July 2013

Topshop A/W '13

Recently, during one of my daily trawls of Topshop's new-in section, I wondered if I hadn't maybe outgrown the brand, as none of their offerings tend to particularly catch my eye anymore.  For most of my post-teenage life, an embarassing percentage of my wardrobe came from the the high street stalwart, but in the past year or so, most of what I've bought has ended up being either sent back, or worn a few times and sold on ebay.  So, following on from my coat lust, I've just spotted the newest Topshop lookbook on Caroline's Mode and they've manage to completely win me over again.  I particularly love the shearling (?) coat, which might have just pipped the navy peacoat to the top of my wishlist. 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Outfit (sort of)

I haven't bothered taking outfit photos in ages, as I don't think the internet needs to see me in my most-worn combination of denim shorts and a slouchy t-shirt.  I did however go to a wedding earlier in the month which required I wear proper clothes and I finally had a reason to dress up like an actual girl:

dress- French Connection, shoes- Miu Miu via ebay
Now I just need more excuses to wear both the dress and shoes that don't require anyone pledging themselves to someone else for eternity...

My state of denial about the weather is clearly ongoing, as this photo from the August 2013 issue of Danish Elle is the most inspirational image I've seen in a while.  Of course, come winter, I'll be whingeing about the cold and the fact that it's dark by late afternoon.  But for now, I'm dreaming of wrapping up in oversized coats and pairing everything with ankle boots... 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Too Soon?

Buy here
So I seem to have found my winter coat.  It popped up on Topshop's new-in page, and suddenly I became convinced a peacoat is the answer to my cold-weather (sartorial) problems.  I had a similar one when I was about 13, which had originally been my father's and was therefore ridiculously oversized on me.  I loved it though, and it fitted in perfectly with my grunge-era wardrobe of lace-up bovver boots and loose smock dresses.  This time round though, I fancy wearing it with skater skirts, ankle boots and slouchy jumpers- an homage to the schoolgirl style I eschewed as an actual schoolgirl.  I'm not entirely convinced it's not much too soon to be looking at winter woollies, but last winter, I ended up selling my older coats and was left with only a navy oversized boyfriend style I randomly bought from Primark in the autumn.  This year, I thought it would be nice to actually put some thought into what I buy, so it surely can't hurt to start dreaming of coats and jumpers in July. Normally, I tend to avoid buying things this far in advance, and can't bring myself to go bikini shopping (for example) before it's actually beach weather.  This year though, summer came late, which means that by the time I actually wanted to buy warm weather clothes, they were all in the sale and looking decidedly less tempting.  Therefore, I've decided there is absolutely no point in summer fashion and am skipping straight to next season.  Especially as I've just come back from two weeks spent by the sea, where I wore an outfit that did not consist of a bikini and flip flops exactly once.  And it was lovely.  So I'll continue to muddle through with my collection of beach cover-ups and denim shorts (fine, and a few actual clothes and sandals) until the temperatures drop and I can revive my interest in fashion.  In the meantime, I'll be working on my autumn/winter wishlist.  Next up, the perfect block-heeled chelsea boots and a pair of monk-strap brogues...

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Man Up

I think I'm officially bored of summer, sartorially at least.  I realised this earlier today when, upon going to put a dress away in the cupboard, I found myself staring wistfully at all my winter clothes and wishing I could wrap myself up in them again, rather than the same vest tops/tshirts/denim shorts I've been relying on lately (and every bloody summer since I moved to Greece, where it's officially too hot for fashion for about a quarter of the year).  Then I saw this editorial, from the August issue of Marie Claire UK and now all I want is knitwear, blazers and brogues...