Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A couple more outfits, as strangely for me, there seems to be nothing interesting me at the moment in fashion.  Or rather, the only things I like are massively out of my price range, as the high street seems to be doing variations of the festival look, the things I wore as a teenager in the 90s and/or rips offs of Isabel Marant, a designer whose collections look increasingly like they actually come from the high street and ought to cost about a tenth of what they actually do.  But I digress.  My last few purchases have come from ebay, and they include a pair of stupidly cheap Chloe sandals about which I refuse to say any more lest I jinx myself and they're horrible/don't fit/get lost in the post, so secondhand is clearly the way forward. 

top- Pull & Bear, shorts- Oysho, shoes- CB Made in Italy

playsuit- Zara, shirt- Asos, boots- Dries van Noten
I've decided my favourite combinations involve bare legs/closed shoes and long sleeves, which is a bit unfortunate considering the temperatures are back up to about 30 degrees this week.  That, plus the fact that I found myself admiring jumpers on Asos makes me think a move back to the UK is definitely in order- actual summer clearly doesn't agree with me...

Also, despite my initial enthusiasm over the dungaree trend, they're actually proving near-impossible to actually wear.  The first time I wore them, I paired them with a t-shirt and ballet pumps and was told I looked like a 14-year old.  I've decided a smarter top and heels is a pre-requisite if I want to look anything close to my actual age.

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