Sunday, 15 June 2014

The New Retro

This article by Jess Cartner-Morley, declaring the death of the ballet pump and the re-emergence of the pointed flat to take its place quite perfectly reflects my own tastes at the moment.  Ballerinas have been the prevalent flat shoe for everyone from schoolgirls to women commuting to work for about a decade now, and whatever gamine French charm they once possessed has long since lost its appeal, for me at least. I'm more than happy for an alternative, and the early noughties (bleh on that word, can we please find something less cringe to replace it with?) favourite suddenly seems appealing again.  Which brings me to my newest purchase:

They're Marc by Marc Jacobs, bought off ebay for a stupidly low price, and whilst I'm not sure exactly what season they're from, I'm quite certain they've been around since the last time this style was trendy.  But it got me thinking that perhaps my long-standing tradition of selling/donating clothes and shoes the second they're the tiniest bit "last season" might not actually be all that wise.  There are loads of old shoes (and clothes, come to think of it) that when I got rid of them, I couldn't imagine wanting to wear again, but looking back, I really wish I still had them.  Obviously it's not the best idea to keep over a decade's worth of shoes, clothes, etc, especially when you live in a succession of tiny flats with limited storage, but it seems slightly wrong that I'm now trying to hunt down items on ebay that resemble the ones I myself sold in the not-so-distant past.  Still though, however much I'm sick of the sight of my once-beloved Repetto ballerinas, this time round, I'm just sticking them in the back of the cupboard until the next time they have their moment in the sun.  Because if there's one thing that's inevitable in fashion-land, it's that every. single. trend will come back, to be worn by a younger, cooler generation than yours. And as I'm hoping the 90s revival dies very, very soon, the full on '00s one can't be far behind...

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