Sunday, 13 July 2014

Wearing lately...

left: shirt-Asos, shorts-Whistles, shoes- Park Lane via Asos; right: shirt- Zara, shorts- Topshop Boutique, shoes- River Island
left: top- Pull & Bear, skirt- vintage, shoes as before; right: top- Zara, dungarees- Primark, shoes as before
 I'm not entirely sure how it's possible that we're halfway through July, but the calendar doesn't lie, and despite a late start, it's now very much summer outside.  Which obviously means I'm stuck in the same sartorial rut as I am every year.  I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I just don't actually like very many summer clothes, though I don't know what I can do about that.  This year, I had sworn to avoid the problem of finding two separate items of clothing that I actually like and which match each other, by just buying a selection of floaty summer dresses, rather than trying to match tops and skirts/shorts.  I've yet to buy one.  The problem with summer dresses is that they mostly tend to be shapeless sacks in an array of colours I'd normally never look twice at.  So I've once more resorted to my tried and trusted denim shorts, and I'm building up a small collection of non-t-shirt tops to pair them with.  The photo with the leather shorts was taken a few weeks ago- it's definitely too hot and sticky to attempt wearing them now.  Footwear is proving to be another problem- as much as I like the silver sandals and black and white espadrilles I'm wearing in every single photo, I'm very much sick of wearing them every day, but I'm finding it hard to find anything else I particularly like (well, anything that isn't Balenciaga and therefore completely unaffordable)  To be honest, I'm getting really frustrated with having to go through a big chunk of the year hating almost everything I wear.  Surely there must be a way to dress nicely when it's over 30 degrees out?  Answers on a postcard please...

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