Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Nothing to Wear?

This post by Garance Dore sums up how I've been feeling about my wardrobe at the moment.  All of the things I've been excited about this season (chunky knits, angora jumpers, oversized coats, pvc midi-skirts) look absolutely awful on me.  Case in point the H&M coat of my dreams, a love affair which is very much one-sided:

This is me trying to make the coat look as flattering as possible

This is what it actually looked like.  In the perfect candy-floss pink to boot. *sob*

Now I love this coat.  I nearly hyperventilated when I first saw it, as it was exactly what I had wanted, but didn't think I'd find, and certainly not for under £100.  I first tried it on a few weeks back, after I had grabbed my size and raced to the nearest mirror, certain I'd be taking it home.  I was quickly disabused of that idea when I saw my reflection, wearing what appeared to be a giant's dressing gown, and I slunk home, coatless.  Since then, I've tried on every single coat I've even remotely liked in every shop possible, and not had any luck.  I then went and tried on the H&M coat, in both colours, three(!) more times.  You know, in case it miraculously decided to look good on me (third time was definitely not the charm).  I'll spare you the nearly identical stories involving angora and oversized jumpers, but suffice it to say, this is not my season, fashion-wise.  I'm not especially tall, a size 6-8, and I've got broad shoulders, upon which anything bulky hangs and creates the illusion of squat square-ness.  Oversized anything is not a look I should ever attempt.  So I've reverted to wearing the same things I always wear, and looking like I always look, despite actually being thoroughly sick of navy jumpers and black skirts.  So I'm left feeling as if I've got nothing to wear, simply because everything I wear is essentially a variation of the same thing, and it all blends into one after a while.  So my (admittedly quite shallow, but hey, this is a fashion blog, so whatevs) dilemma is do I stick to what suits me, and dress in a way that accents the positive, glosses over the negative, and would generally be approved by French fashion editors, or give in to my fashion victim cravings, buy lots of pink fluffy things and give up on anyone ever approving of what I wear?  Answers on a postcard please...

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