Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Givenchy Dreaming

During a perfectly innocent wander round the Selfridges shoe hall earlier today to check out the sale (nice things in every size but mine was the final verdict), I stumbled upon the most perfect pair of Givenchy shoes, times two.  Slip on trainers for everything but the hottest of summer days, floral printed black leather Birk-alikes for lazy days in the sun.  Now that I know that they exist, I'm not sure my life can be complete without them.  I will almost certainly be buying some clumpy-verging-on-orthopaedic sandals this summer though, and possibly attempting to paint flowers all over them... 
Buy here
Buy here
(As a side note, it's funny how the shoes I lust over have gone from being high and impractical to flat and sensible over the past few seasons.  I prefer to think it's due to changing fashions rather than my slow and inevitable transformation into my mother.  I am massively excited about the sheer variety available in flat shoes lately though- where once there were only ballet pumps and the odd brogue, there is now every variety of loafer, trainer, slipper, pool slide, creeper, etc, imagineable.  I feel spoilt for choice without ever having to contemplate being more than an inch off the ground.)

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