Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Dungarees Part II

My obsession with dungarees is still showing no signs of waning.  I originally posted about my quest for the perfect dungaree over a year ago, and so far I've managed to buy three pairs, all completely different to each other:

Left to right: Primark, Topshop Boutique via ebay, Zara
Turns out there's no such thing as the perfect pair of dungarees, just lots of equally cool ones that each work best in different situations.  I've actually worn the velvet ones non-stop, but it's now getting a bit too warm to wear them without sweltering, so I'm reluctantly shelving them until next autumn.  In the meantime, I've decided I need a lighter full-length version to wear in this in-between weather.  Aside from one pair in exactly the wash I wanted, which came online and sold out within a day, from Topshop, I've not found anything that's exactly right.  Then I came across this photo on tumblr a few days ago- turns out it's from a series of photos Jeanne Damas did for & Other Stories (seriously, I can't stop posting about this shop, it's possibly the best thing to happen to the high street ever, and I'm mildly disgruntled that they only offer online shopping to a handful of countries, none of which I currently live in) featuring exactly what I'm looking for:

Mid-wash, undistressed denim, in a slouchy fit.  These are the dungarees in question, and for those who live in one of the lucky countries with access to & Other Stories, they're available here:

I'm deliberating over a few alternatives, but can't quite decide how much I want to spend on this particular trend (is something still considered a trend when it's on its fourth or so season?)
Left to right: Miss Selfridge, Topshop via ebay, vintage Lee via ebay
Interestingly, I'm getting a seriously 70s vibe from all of these- perhaps it's the shade of blue?- but overall (pardon the pun!) the 70s are suddenly appealing to me again, after a few years of being the last decade I'd turn to for inspiration.  I think part of it is to do with my Miu Miu love this season (a 70s-influenced collection if ever there was one!), but also the overdose of 90s influences on the high street- in the actual 90s, the 70s were the decade to aspire to (witness every single thing worn in Reality Bites, my favourite film as a teenager).  In the interest of staying (vaguely) on-topic, I'll leave the catalogueing of all the suede A-line miniskirts and wide legged trousers I've been craving for another post, but I''m even considering pairing any of the above with a pair of cork-soled wedges, or tan leather wooden-heeled sandals...

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