Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Outfits: February/March


Clockwise from top left: jumper- Topshop, skirt- vintage, shoes- & Other Stories; jumper- Topshop, skirt- Topshop Boutique, boots- Beau Coops;  jumper- American Apparel from ebay, skirt and boots- same as before; random navy top, dungarees- same as before, shoes- H by Hudson for Charlie May
Clockwise, from top left: top- Pull & Bear, dungarees- Topshop Boutique from ebay, shoes- Kurt Geiger; hoodie- American Apparel (from charity shop, random t-shirt, shorts- Topshop Boutique from ebay, trainers- Nike; cropped t-shirt- H&M, trousers- Zara circa 2010, shoes- Repetto; shirt- Asos, jeans- Primark, boots- Beau Coops

This is the sum total of outfit photos I've managed to take in the past two months.  This is mainly down to the fact that I've been wearing essentially the same things all. the. bloody. time.  I managed to buy quite a few bits for summer before I left London, but absolutely nothing for spring, which means I'm wearing the same few bits over and over until it's warm enough for little skirts, sandals and sleeveless tops.  Looking at these however, I can't help but notice that almost everything I tend to wear a lot is either quite old (both pairs of Beau Coops boots) or from ebay/charity shops (my two bits of American Apparel, and my much-loved velvet dungarees).  I'm starting to think shopping exlusively secondhand is the way forward...

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