Saturday, 9 August 2014

Saint Laurent A/W 2014

In light of the fact that we're apparently expecting a heatwave next week (the thought of trudging to work in 36 degree heat makes me want to weep), of course my thoughts are turning to my autumn/winter wardrobe.  Lately, I've been trying to avoid looking too far ahead, and just live in the current fashion season, but that's proving quite tricky when the sales are slowly reaching their end and the shops are filling with jumpers, coats and ankle boots, which are far more appealing than, well, pretty much anything summer's had to offer (does anyone else find the idea of spring/summer clothes much more attractive in the depths of winter than when it's actually warm enough to wear them?)    Spotting a pair of glittery knee-high boots by Saint Laurent in the latest Elle (Greece) compelled me to have a proper look at the whole collection, and it quite nicely sums up my perennial autumnal obsessions, which mainly involve looking like a 1960s schoolgirl.  Ahem.  It also further encourages me in my desire to own a tartan kilt, to be worn with my newest pair of ankle boots, an oversized jumper, and my navy peacoat.  I'd also love a velvet dress with a huge white collar.  And possibly even some knee-high boots, sparkly or otherwise....

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