Friday, 11 January 2013

Style Crush- Kate Foley

Every so often, I see someone and want to steal her wardrobe because she gets it so right.  Kate Foley is one of these girls.  She's a buyer at Opening Ceremony and has the most perfect collection of white dresses and quirky platforms.  I used to have a similar, though nowhere near as amazing collection, which for various practical reasons got ebay-ed off, and I moved on to wanting to be all French and minimal and chic, a look I will never fully be able to pull off as I refuse to do things like not leave the house with wet hair, or resist the temptation of jewellery in the shape of small animals.  But now I want to embrace my penchant for girly, floaty dresses and chunky shoes and buy a pair of dungarees to pair with heels.  And get a job as a buyer for an amazing, world-renowned boutique.  Hmm...

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P.S. How amazing is the delicate gold ring/pastel nail varnish/tattoo combination?  I'm always scared of looking a bit twee, and I love anything that adds a bit of badass-ness to the ultra girly. 

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