Friday, 4 January 2013


Lately all of my shoes have been feeling completely wrong.  I've been wearing ankle boots in the winter, ballet pumps in the spring/autumn and sandals in the summer for far too long and I want something new and different. I've even been craving variations of the court shoe, which I've not worn since sometime around 2005. I may have been slightly influenced by these:

Valentino A/W 2012 from
 They're perfect.  Heels without being the spindly-heel-with-chunky-platform variety that I can no longer stand the sight of, but high enough to escape being classified as kitten heels, and their middle-aged King's Road connotations.  They would go with literally every single thing I own.  And in addition to being hard to track down, they were also ridiculously out of reach in the face of my meagre funds.  And the high street, for once, failed to come up with a decent copy.  Until now.  

Kurt Geiger Ella

I'd prefer if they were black suede (I only seem to wear black shoes in suede form, though I would make an exception for the patent version of the Valentinos, obvs) but I could learn to love the white for spring.  Or winter with black opaques.  Or trousers.  Or bare legs, should I be feeling brave.  I *heart* them.  And hopefully they will at some point be mine.  Buy them here.

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