Sunday, 10 March 2013

Starry Night

At the moment, I seem to be cultivating a minor obsession with moon and star prints. As stars have never exactly been a trend, the way say, owls or hearts have, I'm guessing it's my inner teenage hippie-goth trying to make herself heard.  So far, I've managed to amass a small collection of star jewellery (photographed on my new-to-me Meadham Kirchhoff x Topshop sparkly top, which deserves a post of its own):

ring- Made, pendant bracelet- Topshop, bead bracelet- Estella Bartlett
And now, I've finally found the exception to the rule that anything featuring a moon must look like it was purchased in Camden Market circa 1996- this ring:

It's from Catbird in Brooklyn, which I suspect would be my favourite jewellery shop ever, if I were to ever actually visit.  They have matching earrings as well.  *swoon* And carrying on with the night theme, I also really, really want these:

Fleurs de Nuit candle and Nuit lipbalm

And not from Catbird, but equally amazing:
Luna ring by Paper & Chain
My black maxi skirt and Dr Marten wearing 16 year old self would be so proud.

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