Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony A/W 13

So far I've been thoroughly underwhelmed by fashion week, though I usually tend to tune out most of NYFW anyway, and I only really start paying attention once the fashion circus hits London.  I do tend to have a quick glance at the collections though, and the one that stood out for me was Chloe Sevigny's latest offerings for Opening Ceremony.  I must admit, I wasn't at all sold when I first saw the lookbook, modelled entirely by Chloe.  I came across photos from the actual presentation though, modelled by actual, erm, models, and fell in love.  First off, it's inspired by 60s youth protest movements, which instantly won me over, as I've been obsessed with 60s counter-culture for, like, ever.  Secondly, it's modelled by waifish models with long, messy hair and kohl-rimmed eyes, which is my favourite default beauty look (and it's only partly because I'm too lazy to do much else).  

And I've found next winter's coat, should I come across a large sum of money to actually buy it.  

It also solves my whole if-I'm-against-real-fur-is-it-ok-to-wear-something-that-mimics-it dilemma by looking nothing like an actual animal's fur and more like a teddy bear costume.  Which is obviously acceptable.

Pink, gingham and smock dresses.  Perfect.

 Love the white swing coat and the green hair.   

More pink gingham and white platforms (I feel a white shoe love-affair coming on).

Photos from Showstudio and Paper.

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