Sunday, 17 February 2013

Topshop Unique A/W 13

Rather annoyingly, I missed the livestream of the show, which included "model-cams" to give the audience a model's eye view of the whole thing, and official photos aren't up anywhere yet, but I did find some behind-the-scenes shots on Graziadaily.  So far it looks like a promising collection, and I especially liked the inclusion of colours other than  oxblood/brown/navy/khaki, all of which are appealing for approximately two months in autumn, after which I start craving something which stands in contrast to the unrelenting grey skies.  Admittedly, nothing shown is earth-shatteringly original, but it's a solid collection of not-quite-basics, and that's no bad thing.  My absolute favourite thing about this show though, was the makeup- cerulean-rimmed eyes and and pale pink-ish lips.  I've been wanting a change from my fallback makeup look of dark eyeliner and nude lips, so I'm itching to try this for myself, especially as it seemed to suit all the models, regardless of their colouring.  

I really look forward to seeing the full collection- Unique has come on leaps and bounds in the past few seasons and they've moved on from gimmicky collections aimed at 15 year olds to a more grown-up but still playful look, and they've become one of my favourite fixtures on the LFW calendar.  I'm just not convinced other high-street shops need to follow their lead (Whistles, I'm looking at you).  More photos here.

edit- Video is up on the Topshop site.

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