Monday, 18 February 2013

Topshop Unique Part 2

Couldn't resist posting about this collection again, now that I've seen proper photos and read a bit about the inspiration on the Topshop blog.

Mainly I just wanted to say that I'm completely obsessed with this outfit:

I've already said that I seem to be obsessed with pink at the moment, in all forms but clothing, but this outfit could be the tipping point for wanting to drape myself in it, head to toe.  The shoes especially appeal to me- they're ballerina shoes but not remotely twee.  I'm also really, really liking midi-skirts with crop tops, and worn like this it doesn't look too 90s (at least not in the bad way). 

Also, the makeup was meant to make the girls looks as "if they’ve been hanging out at an old pub at Manchester in the ’80s.”  Because who wouldn't want to be doing just that?   (I'm fully aware I may be the only person in the word who romanticises 1980s Manchester, but I'm a die-hard Smiths fangirl, so I'm allowed)

Can this be available now please?  And magically find its way into my wardrobe?  It would make my life approximately 156984 times better.  Even the most tedious of tasks (hello, queuing at the post office) would be less painful if I could do them whilst wearing pink sequins.

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