Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I was going through my inspiration folder on my laptop today, and spotted a bit of a theme.  I've always loved kimonos, and occasionally scour ebay for a vintage silk one, but after their brief moment of ubiquity on the high street, I went off them a bit, having seem one-too-many photos of girls wearing them with destroyed denim shorts and stacks of silver rings.  The photos above have made me re-think my stance though, and the pink Topshop version in the last picture spent ages on my wishlist until it finally sold out- it's definitely housewear, and whilst I love the idea of wafting round in it whilst drinking large quantities of green tea, I couldn't quite justify £58 on a glorified dressing gown.  The hunt is on though, for something kimono-inspired for spring, preferably to be worn with delicate gold jewellery and bright lipstick.

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